Sofia History

Sofia is an independent wealth management company with no links to any large financial institution. Founded in 2006 by Francesco Brioschi, Professor Emeritus at Politecnico di Milano, in 2009 Sofia shifts to a new management team, which buys-out the majority of the company to offer in Italy an innovative system of private banking.

Our values


Our company has no corporate links with banks and insurance companies. Our investment strategies are customized in our investors’ interests only.


Our team has a multi-year experience in analysis and investment selection.


At Sofia, every client is unique whose interest is our priority.


We follow a policy of simplicity in our management choices. Sofia matches transparently its own interest with our clients’ needs.

Our Partners

Alberto Crespi

Daniele Bevacqua

Davide Visentin

Luigi Capitani

Luca Zaccagnini

Our Research Office

The Think Tank of our laboratory

Private banking is the art of keeping promises. Sofia must study the market dynamics to see what can be promised to our clients and which kind of mandate we can fulfill. Our research office was born to analyze investment opportunities and to offer the most performing solutions which are the basis for our management strategies.


Thanks to our research work our investment mandates are able to welcome and fulfill our clients needs. Sofia research office is the cross-road of the investment research of the major financial institutions. Our analysts use their analysis as a starting point in the production of their own independent reports.

our Financial Advisors

At Sofia, clients are assisted by professional Financial advisors.

Sofia financial advisor is a professional the client may trust. He analyzes his financial situation, his goals, and his risk profile. Advisors are put through Sofia Think Tank: representing a real Financial workshop which provides the Advisor with the best investment media to focus on. Together with the Research Office, a financial advisor arranges the proper investment vehicle that suits the various clients’ goals.