Wealth Management and Advisory

Sofia offers a financial service where the client is active in the investment process choosing how to invest in tree asset allocation macro-objective: Market correlation, Yeld maturity, wealth management.

At Sofia we transparently share operative choices with our client, who is constantly able to check his financial status.

Sofia investment logic provides a be-spoke designed portfolio structure, created specifically for the client who can choose the way to perfectly refine the investment upon his necessities on the basis of tree macro asset allocation strategies:

Market correlation:


aims to achieve results linked to the financial markets behavior, actively managing volatility.

Yeld to maturity:


Through bond market investment we target the best way to boost the income flow.

Wealth preservation:


applying de-correlated strategies, we try to keep volatility under control, increasing portfolios stability in any market scenario.


Wealth management mandates (GPM) and Private bespoke advisory.

All investment solutions at Sofia follow these features:

  • independence: Sofia manages the client’s wealth which remains deposited at the clients most suitable bank.
  • Free choice of bank account registration: Sofia cooperates with both Italian-law banks and foreign-law banks.
  • Current portfolio analysisstarting from the clients current asset allocation, Sofia offers personalized solutions in terms of Risk Profile, Yield Objectives, invested capital optimization.
  • Risk control: our Advisory Team, supported by our RESEARCH OFFICE, constantly carries out risk controls and develops strategies to mitigate the portfolio’s risk at any scenario.